"They had big dreams"
30.11.2007 - 27.09.2020 (Shahriyar Gurbanov)

13 years old

01.03.2006 - 27.09.2020 (Fidan Gurbanova)

14 years old

Suffering a bitter defeat on the battlefields of the 44-day-long Patriotic War ever since it started on 27 September, Armenians resorted to provocations.

They carried missile and rocket strikes on cities and villages of Azerbaijan, killing peaceful population far away from the frontline.

According to the General Prosecutor's Office, 93 non-combatants were killed and 454 wounded as a result of these Armenian missile and rocket strikes as of 16 November 2020.

There were also kids among these casualties.

An artillery strike carried out by Armenian forces on Qashalti Qaraqoyunlu village (Naftalan District) killed on 27 September Shahriyar Gurbanov (b. 2007) and his cousin Fidan Gurbanova (b. 2006). Armenian war criminals also killed their grandfather Elbrus Gurbanov, grandmother Shafayat Gurbanova and Shariyar's mother Afag Amirova.

The two kids were students in Qashalti Qaraqoyunlu middle school: Shahriyar in the 7th grade and Fidan in the 9th.

Shahriyar was a member of The Patriots school music band and participated in events and contests. Dedicated to the memory of Captain Vagif Bayramov, who died like a hero in the April War, their song "It's Not Much Left Until the Day of Retribution" was highly regarded by the contest jury; The Patriots were awarded the 1st place in the contest.

Shahriyar was also very keen on football; he played in the national U-11 team. The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) expressed its profound condolences.

The children whose dreams remained in our hearts...
Shahriyar and Fidan Gurbanov
Shahriyar and Fidan's uncle Bakhtiyar Gurbanov says that his father and mother, Shahriyar, Fidan, and his brother's wife died on the first day of the war (27 September) as a result of a rocket strike committed by Armenians:

"Apart from football, Shahriyar studied music and played the accordion. He wanted to become a professional football player. Frequently participated in competitions. He was a very diligent child. He had so many dreams, but they were not fated to come true.

Fidan was a very beautiful girl, with face like a moon. She was a gifted child; she liked studying and doing needlework. She always invented something, tinkled with things. We were amazed that a child could do and know so much.

Fidan excelled among her classmates; she studied well, and teachers liked her. She and Shahriyar studied and played together every day."

"The day before the tragedy, we were planning to gather in the house. I came over, the children were playing in the yard", says Bakhtiyar.

"I met my father not far away from the house one hour before it happened and heard a shell bursting. I came up running to our house and found them dead."

Bakhtiyar says Shahriyar was grandfather's favorite child:

"He always said: Shahriyar is my right hand. The boy always helped the grandfather, and no one could bully Shahriyar. My father loved him so much, and they died together.

We would always celebrate the children's birthdays in a special way. Mom would call us and say, come over. When we got there, we would see that everything was ready: we sat at the table and celebrated.

The uncle recollects:

"I came home once and see my wife is angry with something. I ask her why she is angry, and she responds that Shahriyar has beaten our son Aykhan. It turns out they were playing football, and Shahriyar told my little son to stand aside. I said to my wife: they are kids after all, they fight but make up; they are cousins, so do not get nervous about it. I, later on, talked to Shahriyar, and he said: "Uncle, such things happen; there are no issues between us."

Shahriyar's and Fidan's dreams...
Bakhtiyar also told us about Shahriyar's and Fidan's dreams:

"Fidan would come up to her nanny, stroke her hair, clip her nails, and look after her in every possible way. When my mother found herself without Fidan by her side, she always sent someone to fetch the girl. Each month she spent a part of her retirement allowance on buying Fidan a present.

Shahriyar always said: "Uncle, the day will come when I will be playing football overseas." And Fidan wanted to enroll at a university and remain in Baku; she said she'd be staying at her aunt's and attend the studies. They had big dreams."

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