"Mom, you will see me on TV"
18.10.2005 - 17.10.2020

15 years old

Suffering a bitter defeat on the battlefields of the 44-day-long Patriotic War ever since it started on 27 September, Armenians resorted to provocations.

They carried missile and rocket strikes on cities and villages of Azerbaijan, killing peaceful population far away from the frontline.

According to the General Prosecutor's Office, 93 non-combatants were killed and 454 wounded as a result of these Armenian missile and rocket strikes as of 16 November 2020.

There were also kids among these casualties.

During the war, Armenian criminals launched several artillery strikes on Azerbaijan's second largest city of Ganja, which sits far away from the frontline. The heaviest strike was launched on 17 October 2020. As rockets ripped through Javadkhan settlement in the center of Ganja at about 01:00 AM, 15 civilians were killed and 55 wounded. Among the casualties were 6 men, 4 women, and 6 little kids.

That attack claimed the life of fifteen-year-old Asgarova Nigar Azer gizi.

Nigar was one of 5 Asgarov family members who died that night. This is one more evidence of Armenian atrocity committed against the peaceful population of our country. That single night claimed Nigar's life and the lives of many other innocent children.

We headed to Ganja to see with our own eyes the damage done and talk to Nigar's family.

Last conversation Nigar had with her mother...
Nigar Azer Asgarova
Nigar's mother Sudaba says Nigar was born in 2005 in Ganja. She was a 10th-grade student in school No.29.

"On that day, I was outside Azerbaijan, working in Moscow. We had a conference call with my daughter that evening, around 9 or 10 o'clock", says her mother. Nigar was happy, for she would had a birthday in couple days:

"She wanted to celebrate her birthday in a cafe. She said: I will go have a birthday party in a cafe with my friends. I did not object. She was preparing for the party, and she was happy and excited. She said she'd spend the whole day in downtown and then come back home to celebrate with the family. I agreed, and we said goodbye to one another.

It was around 4 a.m. when I got a call; they told me a rocket had hit our street, and I should urgently fly back home. In the morning, I bought a flight ticket and headed to Ganja.

It was like a nightmare coming true; one moment, and my home and my child were no more. Nigar was wounded in the head when the missile struck. My father, brother, sister and ten-months old niece Narin died alongside her. This tragedy killed all hopes that Nigar's dreams would ever come true. Nigar had big plans, she was a girl full of life".

She had plans, aspirations...
Sudaba says Nigar was going to become a kindergarten teacher: "She was also looking to work in a beauty salon. She was constantly browsing Korean web pages and wanted to go visit Korea. Nigar said she'd open a beauty salon overseas, to do hair for famous actresses and singers. She was tracking various novelties online as she wanted to learn how to do beautiful haircuts and makeup. "I will perform on TV and help you; besides, I will graduate from a university and open a beauty salon", she said.

I saw her aspiration and soon got her enrolled in a training course. After a week, when Armenians launched a rocket on Azerittifaq building, the course was canceled. It was only one week that my daughter attended the course, and then a missile hit our street. She started on 1 October, and this happened on the 17th."

Recalling their last meeting, Niger's mother cannot refrain from tears:

"The last time I met my daughter was one year ago. We went to Baku and had a great time together; we went to the beach and the restaurant. I still keep her voice messages. She said: do you remember us having a good time last year? We walked around until I grew tired; now I want to have as good a time with my friends, even though you are not beside me.

Nigar said to me: "I would love to relive those days, but it is such a pity you won't be by my side." Alas, her wish was not fated to come true."

Nigar went to Shamkir two days before the tragedy, but...
"They went to Shamkir on the 14th. Our daughter-in-law and her kids remained there, but my daughter came back." Sudaba says Nigar would still be alive if she'd stayed:

"She called me and asked my permission to stay in Shamkir, to which I said yes. I said to her: stay in Shamkir; come back to Ganja in the evening of 17th, to celebrate on the next day. One hour later, her uncle was going to Ganja and Nigar decided to go with him. The uncle asked her: "You wanted to stay, why do you want to go now?" She responded that she had not brought any change clothes, so she is going back. She made up her mind and they could not sway her.

If she had stayed, she'd still be in Shamkir at night of the 17th. When we had a video call that evening, I saw she was at our place. She said: "Mom, I did not want to stay." She came back home, and here's what happened. It seems it was meant to be... She was never scared of anything; a truly brave girl. The previous attack was launched on Friday, when Nigar was going to the course. They told her there that the teacher had headed for the countryside and the lesson was canceled as a result. Our homies were telling her not to get out, just in case Armenians would launch an attack. But the missile hit our house in the dead of night, when everyone was asleep...

The money I sent her for her birthday party are still in the bank, unclaimed
We could never think that Ganja would be hit by a missile. On that day, I talked a lot with both my sister and my daughter.

I sent birthday money to Nigar and told her to recover it from the bank on the next day. But it never happened...

None of her 15 birthdays was a waste of time. She was a very smart child. This time around, the 18th was not a regular day; alas, it was not a birthday but a funeral feast day. We set the table and cut the cake in loving memory of Nigar. It is not like I'm saying this because I am her mother, but Nigar was truly a smart and well-mannered child. Classmates and neighbors loved her.

And she loved Narin very much, and they left this world together...
Sudaba says Nigar always wanted to have a little sister:

When my sister gave birth to a daughter, Nigar called me and said: "Mom, I finally have a sister, and I'm so happy." She was feeling sad quite often before Narin was born, and not a day passed that she didn't want me to come back home. I can safely say it was Nigar who took care of Narin after she was born; whenever I called her, the baby was always in her hands. I told her: Nigar, do not lift the baby so often, you will strain your back. And she said to me: "Mom, I will die if something happens to her."

She was so happy when her cousin was born; she loved Narin so much, and they died together. Allah took them away from us. Nigar always said: the day will come, and you'll see me on TV. And I really saw her on TV, but for an entirely different reason...

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